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Lyna ref-concept-armadillo by soyrwoo Lyna ref-concept-armadillo by soyrwoo
You don't have to read the following, but everything makes more sense if you do :)

I was thinking about my characters' designs; on the one hand, I don't want to add all sorts of extravagant whatnot, (e.g. hair, accessories) but on the other, I don't want them to all be the samey-same semi-realistic shape with different colors.

Wow. That was one sentence 0_o

In animated films, (or at least the good ones) the animators and concept artists usually try to incorporate features of the voice actors or other people in the characters. Happy Feet had a lot of this; Mumble (Elijah Wood as a tap dancer) had blue eyes, cuff links, and a bowtie in his natural-looking design. His father (Elvis Presley) had a larger head, his mother (Norma Jean/Marilyn Monroe) had a "mole," and all of the female penguins were colored so they would appear to have curves and mammary glands.

And really, aren't all animal characters just human characters with fur? And don't we all understand humans better than we do non-human organisms?

Thurfur, I figured I could better design my wolf characters if I first design a human counterpart. The human would serve as a guideline for the behavior and structure of the wolf, plus I'd get some practice drawing humans.
And I need a lot of practice drawing humans.

Lyna ended up looking more or less like a generic wolf, but the human-Lyna helps me out with her personality quite a bit. For example, her world is meant to be 1920s-esque, a time when you were pushing boundaries by wearing skirts that cut below the knee.
It worked out better with my other characters XD

What do you think?
cameoanderson Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
I love the idea of you designing your human character and THEN basing the wolf after them. That's sweet :) And the blue scarf is the perfect touch.
soyrwoo Featured By Owner May 28, 2011
Heheh, the idea mostly came from this: [link]
It made me realize that the animal characters in the show were designed to look and act like humans, and can easily be translated back into a recognizable human personality or stereotype. At the same time, they look enough like animals that, while everyone understands their personalities, so many people are unable to see that the characters are actually humans in more snuggly forms.

It seemed like a good way to design a set of characters of the same species without making them all look the same :)
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