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Alkda, Zorak, and Drakkon by soyrwoo Alkda, Zorak, and Drakkon by soyrwoo
I felt like drawing something quickish today :)
So here are three more-or-less-major characters from the story I've been working on (in my mind) for the past several years, with occasional tidbits tossed online.
I haven't formally started writing it because it's a "wolf comic," so I'm trying to avoid the usual failtraps that come along with comics about warring wolves. I'd gladly send a plot description to anyone who would like to help, though :)

Alkda is kind of a new character; she's been there all along, but I only recently decided to give her a larger role as a general in my potential story, and I completely altered her character in the process by merging her with a design in my sketchbook.
She's quite tough, strict, and sometimes rash, but she's not without softness... in theory...

Zorak is more or less the same General Zorak as always, but I've changed his political stance from hyper-conservative to hyper-industrial, (think nineteenth-century United States' politics) since it better fits his character and the current storyline.
He's racist in a region where racism is greatly scorned, but still an okay guy if you know him personally.

Drakkon is Zorak's younger (half) brother. He always seeks to please his smaller big brother, who sees him as a big, derpy puppy. Drakkon's a shy goody-two-shoes, but just like a Disney child star, he begins to take radical actions to impress Zorak and prove himself as a capable adult wolf.
I haven't fully planned the outcome, but I'd rather he doesn't :D

The story itself, at this point, will have neither a happy nor a satisfying ending, since it's meant to resemble something of a biographical or historical novel.
The characters are based on European subspecies of gray wolf, but two of the above are high-percentage wolfdogs, so they're a tad different. None of them are truly wolves per se, but I'm not going to go all "28 Days Later is so not a zombie movie" on you. It's still a wolf comic XD

By the way, you didn't need to read any of that. It only holds any real importance to me, but if you did happen to read it, kudos. Kudos to you. Have a cookie :cookie:

Otherwise, I know. TL;DR
It's just character descriptions :)
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falloutX-23 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
Interested in Plot!I love wolves ever since balto.if it wasn't played before I went to be d no one weNt to bed lol
soyrwoo Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
Thanks! It definately needs some fixing up, rearranging, and rethinking. Or scrapping and re-doing. I've changed the plot at least three or four times, and the characters even more.

Balto! :heart: I need to watch that movie again!
It would be awesome if someone made another animated version that's a smidge closer to history; the real Balto was so cute! :)
Asukari Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It is very hard to avoid the usual plot-fails of wolf comics...Some thing new and different would be very exciting, so I am very interested in the plot! Can you note me a description of the plot, please? c:

And as soon as you said derpy puppy, I thought of my own derpy Labradoodle pup >.>;;
soyrwoo Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010
It's hard to avoid plot-fails with any story, but people will point them out more when they're in a wolf comic. (Or a high-grossing movie about blue kitty-people-aliens) XD
I shall note you the plot! It's currently super-flexible, just like an octopus :)

Yay, Bosco! He and Drakkon would probably get along, too :D
Asukari Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
LOL, true |3;

And ffft, I could just see them frolicking around in the snow together. :la:
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