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So what if it is just the zoo?
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deviation in storage by Kgambler
deviation in storage by Kgambler




Late classes are also a pain by soyrwoo
Late classes are also a pain
Full title: "Late classes are also a pain, but at least I got to see the cherry blossoms at night"

We have cherry blossoms on campus, but as soon as they bloom the quad becomes horrendously crowded and it's hard to get a good shot of them.  During the day, at least.  At night, it's pretty empty.

iPhone 5S, LINE Camera, and Instagram
Taken in the University of Washington Quad
Morning classes are a pain by soyrwoo
Morning classes are a pain
Full title: "Morning classes are a pain and no amount of dramatic sunlight will make up for it"

I haven't had much of a chance to run around with my Nikon camera lately, but I always have my Apple camera on me.  Which is to say I'm often carrying my phone.  The processing programs aren't exactly Photoshop, but the tools in LINE Camera, Instasize, and Instagram go a surprisingly long way.

iPhone 5S, LINE Camera and Instagram
Taken in the University of Washington Quad before an 8:30 class on the other end of campus.
There was no new Ojamap this week by soyrwoo
There was no new Ojamap this week
Full title: "There was no new Ojamap this week and I wasn't sure what to do with myself on Wednesday night"

Anyway, someone got a haircut for his new sci-fi movie role, and I wanted to draw it.
I'm really excited for ギャラクシー街道/Galaxy Turnpike, and I hope it's released in the US so I won't have to wait for the DVD.  Plus, an American release would mean readily-available English subtitles, so it would be easier to convince folks to watch it.  That being said, I'm rarely able to convince folks to watch subtitled things whether it's an online file or if I have a physical DVD :/

Which is a real shame 'cause Katori Shingo's face is terribly entertaining.
Lloyd by soyrwoo
Time travelling killer robots?  Yes, please.  Kimura Takuya as a time travelling killer robot? The media gods have smiled upon us.

I started watching Ando Lloyd~A.I. knows LOVE?~ and I wanted to draw the titular android, Lloyd, who gets rather beat up in the first episode.  I haven't been doing much traditionally, so I also wanted to break out the pencils.  A lot of my traditional art supplies got put away into boxes in the basement at home, so I ended up having to buy some new B pencils and fixative after getting back to school.  I don't have a scanner on me, so the image quality isn't fantastic.  I mean, it's a photo of my sketchbook taken with an iPhone and touched up in LINE Camera.  But I managed.  Maybe I'll get to scan it someday.

Ando Lloyd belongs to TBS
Kimura Takuya's image and soul is owned by Johnny and Associates
2014 Year In Review by soyrwoo
2014 Year In Review
I drew some things in 2014.

I made this before that last snow leopard drawing, so December is represented by me as a opossum.
I keep switching between wanting to keep my dA account active and just kind of... wanting to let it die out quietly, y'know?

I have to be here to manage my one group, but a lot of my dA and arting friends have stopped using the site regularly, if not completely.  Without being here long enough to respond to comments and journals within an acceptable time frame, I haven't been able to participate in many conversations or meet many people.  Every time I go through the accumulation of journal entries in my inbox, I encounter criticisms and complaints about the decreasing quality of the dA community from some of my long-time favorite artists.

To be fair, I've been seeing these kinds of criticisms of the dA community since I joined in 2006, so they ought to be taken with a grain of salt.  And "people just want to collect llamas" is a silly topic of discussion to begin with *coughIreturnllamascough*

Of course, I'm part of the problem because despite being able to comment on others' work, I rarely do.  During my earlier days on dA I left a considerable number of annoying comments with good intentions, and having since realized how obnoxious I was, I haven't been commenting much since.  I'm a terrible person ahahaha.

As always, I have a very active personal Tumblr, a less-active drawings-only sideblog, and a somewhat active photoblog.

Also I have like 0 idea of what all these journal options are.  The heckie-doo is The Journal Portal.
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United States
Art Status:
Requests: closed, unless my journal says otherwise, in which case I'll likely never get around to it 0_o
Trades: let's say they're closed, but you can still note me about it.
Commissions: they've never really been open, except those few weeks in summer camp when I made a couple dollars off people who wanted poorly drawn doodles. On lined paper.

Photo usage rules:
None of my work is stock or is free to use unless otherwise stated in the description.

Feel free to post my work in your blog or website, as long as you link to any of my online profiles or the page of the image itself. No need to ask permission if you won't be altering it.

Please don't use my photos for your own art, though. Of course, if the original photo cannot be recognized in the completed piece, (with the exception of photomanipulations) you don't even have to link back.

And please don't use any of my work for animal rights or anti-hunting purposes. If you want to use one of my deviations for a cause, ask me first.

When in doubt, just send me a note. As long as you're not changing my work, I'm usually okay with it :)

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soyrwoo Featured By Owner 4 days ago
You're welcome! c:
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Hey!! I really love some of your artwork!! Could I use your picture of a honey badger non-commercially as art on my Soundcloud page and a mixtape I am designing?? Would really appreciate it, of course I will credit you and post a link to your page :)
soyrwoo Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2015
Sorry for taking ridiculously long to get back to you!
If you still want to use it, feel free to do so.  As long as it's non-commercial and the image is credited, it's fine by me :)
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